Spinal Decompression after Chiari

I had my Chiari Surgery in 2013 and 2 cervical surgeries in 2014 & 2016- I am having terrible lumbar problems - pain , numbness, cant feel my legs or stomach at times. No loss of bladder control but dont feel if bladder is full.

Went to regular Dr and they gave me so many opiods that had to give me a narcon pen. I didnt pick the medicine up because I hate taking pain killers. So I am at my wits end when I go to the Chrioprator and the recommend a spinal decompression were they strech your spine.

1st visit felt like a miracle was able to walk around with just a small amount of pain.
2nd visit I started having breathing problems during procedure, but just thought maybe my nerves were acting up. ( that was the #1 reason they did my Chiari surgery stat as I would stop breathing)
3rd time ended up with a Chiari migrane right in the middle and now my Chiari is acting up.
My question is this :
Has any one had spinal decompression after their surgery ?


It sounds like the chiropractor performed traction on your lumbar spine. Chiropractic treatment, be it traction or manipulations is highly NOT recommended for Chiari people before or after surgery. We have anatomical variations and complications that a chiropractor cannot even begin to understand (nor is covered in their schooling). I would suggest that you visit a medical doctor for a check-up to make sure that you are okay neurologically. Do not return to the chiropractor. I know that you are feeling desperate for relief of symptoms and for understanding but that is not where you should go.

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Thank you - yes I am so desperate but if I have to choose I would rather have to have lumbar surgery than redoing the Chiari