Spinal Cord Stimulator

I was wondering if anyone has had luck with the spinal cord stimulator? I have had a lumbar Fusion, cervical fusion, Chiari decompression surgery, tethered cord surgery, and another one where they put a hinge at the top of my spinal cord to open up the area. I’m still having a lot of pain and have tried endless amount of stuff and now they want to try this spinal cord stimulator. Any feedback good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like about a year ago you were researching an SCS for pain management. I am having my psyc eval next week to move forward with mine. Did you decide to go through the trial to see if it helped? I seem to find lots of info online about lumbar SCS, but not much on cervical. Let alone with Chiari.
Ive had 2 decompressions over the years and 2 cervical fusions. Im curious enough to try this technology. Let me know your experience. Have a great day.
Diane K