Specialist South Carolina

Hello everyone,

I have been gone for a while and a lot has happened but this post is not for me. I need to find a specialist in South Carolina for a newly diagnosed 18 yr old young lady. Her doctor is clueless .

Hello there Liz, I'm sure everyone would love to hear what's been happening with you since you last posted in March 2015 ... so please take a few minutes to update us when you can.

In the meantime check out the Doctors List to see if there is anyone in the SC area or close by.

Thanks Jules. I have been diagnosed with a Neuro Muscular disease (Mito) Dystonia, as I type this I am getting my biweekly hydration infusion through my Picc line. I also have a J tube gastroparesis related. It has been such a roler coaster but I am stable at the moment.