Sleeping suggestions/positions

Hello, six days post decompression surgery and I am having trouble with sleeping position and getting comfortable. I will ask doctor office today when I call for post operation appointment but wanted to hear suggestions from someone who has been through this, suboccipital craniotomy with c1 laminectomy and autologous duraplasty. Thank you :pray:

Hi there Sak, a lot of new members donโ€™t realize that we have a great search engine here. If you click on the magnifying glass (upper right) and key in some key words like sleeping, sleeping positions, sleep help, I wonder whether some old threads will come up.

If an old thread appears, you can start it up again by asking your question on that thread. The beauty of doing that is that every other person who is on that thread will get a personal email about your question. You might get a great answer that way, and involve some people back into active discussion. Give it a go!


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Awesome, thank you so much!!! Have a great day

Thank you