SIDS (Sudden Infant Death) and underlying brain stem abnormalities

NEW YORK (PIX11) – There’s finally a possible explanation for SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies that die unexpectedly have underlying brain-stem abnormalities that are not normal before death, according to new research published in the December issue of Pediatrics. The brain stem affects breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and temperature during sleep. Experts say these abnormalities prevent sleeping babies from waking up when they rebreathe too much carbon dioxide, when they don’t get enough oxygen or become overheated. Even infants who were sleeping face down or next to an adult had these underlying brain-stem abnormalities. What this means is that parents can finally let go of some of the guilt that they did something wrong..And doctors can now try to identify tests for healthy babies to see who’s at risk, and develop appropriate treatments. In the meantime, safe sleep practices like a firm mattress could make a difference — no padding, stuffed animals or pillows. And putting your baby to sleep on his or her back can help. Also, don’t overheat your child. and don’t put covers over the head. Read more:

Wow. I am amazed.

30 years ago, my little brother passed away from SIDS

That would be wonderful if they could find interventions for SIDS.

This connects a dot, in my mind anyway, with the dangers of apnea in Chiari. All Chiari pts need a sleep study :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this info …my older brother died of SIDS at 2 weeks of age…I wondered if it could have been CM related after I was Dx’d …

I remember my mom telling me that even back in the 50’s…when Robert died, the police were called and both parents were grilled at the police station…an autopsy was done and mom said there was something wrong with his thalamus ???shame on me, I can’t remember wheee the thalamus is and it’s function…still wondering if it was in fact a CM issue???

Thanks again for the info…you are the best!!!

My 5 month old granddaughter died of SIDS On Christmas Day, 1993. Now her older sister has been diagnosed with Chiari. After seeing the comments on this discussion, I cant help wondering if that could have been what happened with our baby granddaughter.

I can sympathize with Lori about what happened with the police, because as we sat at the hospital we were each questioned about the baby. I did hear one of the nurses say "There was not a mark on that baby". I know I just couldn't quit crying and I asked the police officer "Do you think we did something to her?" Strange how your mind works at times of stress and disbelief.

Thank you Lori.

This is indeed a sad subject and I hope that education will be helpful for families who have struggled with loss.

What I was wondering though was what happens after someone with CHiari undergoes a sleep study. What is the following treatment?