Shoulder,neck and arm pain

Hi everyone I am just wondering if anyone can explain to me what the arm,shoulder and neck pain feels like Im having trouble working out whats normal and whats not and when is it appropriate to go to the hospital to get checked.Does anyone else get a sort of swollen bubble on there neck I had a c1 c2 laminectomy so I thought it would niggle a bit but I have pain across my shoulders and neck which doesn’t feel like your typical achy muscle pain.

Hello! After my second Chiari surgery I developed a Seroma at the base of my neck. I would get a very sharp headache any time I tried to look up (like looking towards sky). It took several years but it finally went away. Have you had a recent MRI? You might want to check and see if you have a seroma/hematoma. Hope that helps you!

I would have another MRI of the whole cervical spine. You may have a herniated/ bulged disk in your neck pinching a nerve. some of us have more cervical issues on top of Chiari. It is worth looking into.