Second Surgery

Has any one been told that they are facing another surgery to correct the brain.I was told nine years ago that I would need my brain clip if I continue to have haeadache. This was nine yrs ago, I was told that it would happen in five years after the the decompression but that never happen thank God, however I believe the doctors are talking about replacing the strip of plastic inbetween the brain and spine? cutting the brain is too exetreme.for me to think about. anyone going though this delima?

I personally had part of my Cerebellum removed during my first and only CM surgeries. The NS said the part they removed was already dead. I honestly do not know very much about additional surgeries, Beeba just had a second CM Surgery & she seems to be doing wonderful. I am sure if you send her a message she would be happy to answer any questions she can. We also have other Members that have had Second Surgeries. I will be thinking about it & hopefully come up with some more Member names.


I am facing another surgery due to scar tissue build up and my patch has become loose. I had my herniation removed during the first surgery. It's daunting thinking about doing it again but hopefully for both of us we will see and feel improvements.


I am wishing the best for everyone here.