Seattle Doctors

What can anyone tell me about Dr. Ryder and Dr. Gwinn? My case is currently being reviewed by Dr. Ellenbogen but I have small doubts that he will see me after watching a presentation of his online. My CM is listed as 4-5 mm and he said he classifies CM as 5 mm. His staff also said he tries to reserve appointments for surgical candidates which I’m not sure i will be. But I sure do have a lot of awful symptoms! I’m trying to remain hopeful but I want to have other options just in case Dr. Ellenbogen will not be able to see me.

The Hawaiian islands are not known for their impressive neurologists and I’ll be visiting family in Seattle for two weeks in July so I gotta get something on the books.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure if this will help or not so take what does and ignore the rest ;)

I don't know anything about Seattle doctors but my DD (16 years old) was referred to Dr. Morris in Tacoma (has a couple of office actually one in Federal Way and Tacoma). Her CM is 12 mm and she has a 7mm (tiny) syrinx with mild to moderately restricted CSF flow anteriorly and moderately restricted flow posteriorly at the the foramen magnum. He advised that DD should have the surgery but was not pushy about it at all! He had DD's surgery scheduled for June 11 and we saw him on May 2.

I am not sure what his guidelines are for surgery candidates but thought I'd throw his name in the mix as a possibility.

Beeba, did Dr. Ellenbogen do your second surgery or was it the other way around? Did he do the first and then someone else did the second? Sorry I'm a little unclear by what you wrote. ;-) I'm happy to hear that it sounds like you're doing much better though! Hooray!

I'm hoping to find out by next week if Dr. Ellenbogen will even see me for an eval. If not, I will look into a few other Seattle dr's. I'd like to have further MRI testing given my symptoms.

Thanks for clarifying, Beeba! :-) I think you make a really valuable point!