Gosh darn it now, I am about fed up with these headaches! they dont change wether i sit or stand..just a constant headache--

i have a shunt and iam told i shouldnt be hearing or feeling the things i feel yet i do, also told that the air pressure shouldnt be bothering it, but it does. i cant get it through anyones head that its REALLY WHAT IM FEELING/HEARING etc.....so i just cope with all this crap everyday!! and its really starting to annoy me!

i have days where all i do is take my son to school and come back home and sleep all day, then it takes all i can to make supper and then i can sleep ALL NIGHT LONG-

i stillhave neck and shoulder pain that one NL says its tendonitis..(which mind you i had to BEG for the results of the mri) and he reccomended PT--- Ummm PT is what got it to this point!! LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE!!! ERRRGH....

I guess i am just feeling super frustrated...and i feel that things should be further along and i should be getting better responses from doctors........maybe when i see my PCP next month she can lead me in a better direction, since well pain mgmt seems to be at a stand still. and the new NL(one who said tendonitis) when i fist met him he gave me a good vibe, that he knows chiari and hydrocephalus, i felt we had an understanding and i might have found someone who would be there for me. But, afterwords i was left with a sour that taste in my mouth of he realized he is not going to make mega buck off of me anymore -since well both the surgeries were done--then i felt like i was tossed in the bucket!!

i guess i just had to much time to think lately and its really starting to tick me off...

i just feel tossed aside...in almost EVERY ASPECT!!....ERGH!

...ok rant over for now...

..........GO GIANTS ;)