Question for the "GUYS"

I found out I chad Chiari in late Sept/early Oct. 2011. And reading everything I can about it and the symptoms of Chiari, I realized hat I had tons of the symptoms or many years, but like most didn't real is any of the symptoms were related let alone that I had a condition called "Chiari Malformation"

I had my decompression about 12 weeks ago, I met with surgeon last week and asked him if any of the med's I'm on would cause "E D"

SInce my surgeon is a a great one! He began to ask several questions about my situation before and after my surgery. He said he though that my testosterone level may be low and sent me for blood test. He was right my levels are VERY low, and probably have been for quite a while.

My question is: has anyone heard of or experienced Chiari causing Low testosterone levels?

Hi…I don’t have low tertosterone levels :wink: but I have very low estrogen levels and very high prolactin levels…hyperprolactioma…my endocrine clinic docs think my chiari is the main cause of this. Hope this helps

Hey Twitch thanks for the reply.

There aren't al lot of men on here compared to the ladies so I was wondering if I'd get any replies at all.

BTW I sent you a message when you get a chance read it and let me know the answer to my question


Sorry just came across the discussion was blurry at the monitor for a while but insomnia is playing its role as well. I am only on 1 med and it does not cause ED but the med isn't for CM either. Anyhow, I have been having the ED for a while and was just recently (Nov 11) was diagnosed with CM, Like Twitch also have low testosterone levels (weekly arse injections). I plan on speaking more to my doc when I go in again next week. I will pick his brain and see what happens.

Hey Kenny Who-dat Flaming

Just saw your post from 2012 because I Googled, "Chiari Malformation and Low Testosterone."

My Neurologist, NS and PCP all feel that my very low T level is tied into CM because of my Empty Sella Syndrome and the pituitary gland being flattened out. It is my understanding that CM and ESS kind of go hand-in-hand. I haven't had decompression surgery yet however before I went to see the NS, my Neurologist contacted his friend who is an Endocrinologist and asked him what blood studies he needed to order for me so I didn't have to go for another visit. They said if my levels were way low, I could meet with my PCP.

I was put on a testosterone patch and after two months - I developed an allergic reaction to them and my T level actually dropped 9 points from my last test so it isn't getting to where it needs to be. I was at the doc the other night and they are working on getting the Insurance company to approve injections. I don't want to do the 'deoderant' thing because our puppy (who is a chewer) - we don't want to risk him getting into it and becoming volatile with all that testosterone flowing through his blood! LOL

How are you doing since your decompression surgery in late 2011?

Anyway, enough of my rambling - hope you are doing well.

Blessings to you!


Its been close to 3 yrs now since decompression and I still have a lot of symptoms- more than before I started.

as far as the Low T it is better, my Doc has me doing androgel- and my numbers are better!

Great to hear about your T levels going up. I just had my first injection this morning and they will be monthly with bloodwork done every 3 months.

Sorry to hear about the decompression part - do you mind sharing a little bit how the surgery was done please? Did they do decompression and open up the dura with duraplasty?

Again, I haven't had the surgery yet and I've been to two NS here in my area and both do similar surgeries with opening the dura however one uses my own tissue and thrombin to close the dura for the dural patch; the other does synthetic (my body doesn't do too well with synthetic stuff however we are moving forward once I lose some more weight and go into the surgery in better physical condition.

Has your NS suggested that you will have to have a repeat surgery to clear things up and did he/she say why (if you don't mind sharing) why the symptoms have worsened 3 years post-op?

Just trying to learn from everyone on here.

I appreciate what you can share.

If it means anything, I will keep you in my prayers regarding your symptoms - I know what it's like with having Chiari related symptoms - not fun.



Kenny Who-dat Flaming said:

Its been close to 3 yrs now since decompression and I still have a lot of symptoms- more than before I started.

as far as the Low T it is better, my Doc has me doing androgel- and my numbers are better!