Pupil changes

Hi all, I had my surgery in Dec 2013, symptoms have started to return. When i get pressure headaches, which occur about 3 x a week, my right pupil increases in size. I had these headaches post op. Has anyone else had this symptom. I can’t believe how much this is affecting my life,my life is stagnant with pain, numbness and general all over unwell.

Thanks I will do. Just wanted to know if others have had these changes or if it’s related to something else. I was fine about a month after. I went back to work after 2 months and been on a 9 mile hike and although I was in pain it was manageable. I’ve took a huge step back im my post op symptoms

Yes my pupils were different for a matter of a few months not right after surgery but about a year after surgery. There was no known cause and they have since went back to normal although I do have a nystagmus