Psuedomeninocele number 3!

After 2 dura grafts in Oct 2012 to repair the psedomeninoceles the MRI has shown another in the exact same place as the last.Saw the NS and he talked about a shunt but said its far too early with only having the other surgeries not long ago.Currently taking diamox and indomathecin to help with the pressure headaces.The mri also showed a deformity in the posterior aspect of the cord at the level of the psuedo,anyone have any idea what this means??? and do I opt for the shunt or not? would really appreciate any advice,were not as advanced in the UK as the USA.


Denise xx

It’s always hard to advise someone because every chiari case is different and so many variables go into every single decision and outcome. I can tell you that our son has two psuedomeningoceles and we are not doing my surgical intervention for it. He’s had two surgeries and although he is only 8, he knows the pain he can live with and the pain that he can’t and thus would require surgery. Although surgery has alleviated debilitating headaches, it’s caused a sleu of other problems so unless he is in imminent danger, or unable to breathe or walk as in the past, he’s just living with the pain. I wish you continued healing.

Thank u for your reply,hope your son carries on improving xx