PseudoTumor Cerebri

Have any of you also been diagnosed with this condition? I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday and he thinks all my issues are coming from the PTC (pseudotomer cerebri) He started talking about shunts and etc. He kinda ignored my Chiari.

I had a spinal tap done today and was officially diagnosed with PTC because my spinal fluid pressure is 3 normal is 8 to 18. He drained some of my fluid and put me on Acetazolamide 250 mg 4 times daily. If I have no relief from the head pressure and headaches then I’ll be reviewed for a shunt. I feel like I have a new illness and just left to hope I feel better with no real timeline. Have you had decommission surgery? Has he done anything about the PTC since you wrote.this? I too am very curious at what this means for me. I am 11 weeks post op. Best of luck!

My initial diagnosis was PTC, I was later diagnosed with Chiari.