Problems swallowing

How does swallowing difficulty present? Does it ever come and go? I've been having a feeling like something is "stuck" after eating, but only in the evenings. Eventually, I vomit and it feels better. It hurts like mad.

Two years ago, I had a stricture after surgery (not Chiari related), and it feels very much the same as that did. It seems unlikely that the stricture would come back after so long, but I guess that is another possibility.


I have problems with swallowing that come and go. If I am stressed or anxious about something, I have a hard time swallowing. I've had this all my life even after decompression but not as bad. At times I avoided eating because of it. I still have a lot of trouble with eating soup or anything with a spoon. Weird! I think you should check out other possibilities just to be safe!


Thanks Carla. I'm going to contact my surgeon to see if a stricture is possible. The strange thing is that during the day, I haven't had any trouble, it is just at night.

Not swallowing, but my wife has just started experiencing what she calls numbness and sometimes a burning sensation. I have read many times that difficulty swallowing is all part of CM1. Hope you feel better soon.

It comes and goes for me as well. I'm not really sure I can pinpoint when though.

i have problems swallowing and it comes and goes throughout the day/night, Ive had decompression already, so not sure if its related to chiari or the stenosis.

I , too have trouble swallowing..kinda like the food is stuck there...and at times fluids are hard too comes and goes for me as well..I am 3 plus yrs post decomprression