Please help - Worried

I don’t even have words.
How do we help someone that does not want to be helped.
I have a family member that is in a realy bad place and I am afraid for her life. She just wants to give up and is very negative no matter what anyone says and refuses to see someone to provide professional help.

What do we do?

It is heartbreaking.

I am so sorry that you and your family member are going through that. I have had a similar experience with my daughter but since she is 12 she has to do what I say. I made another appointment with her neurologist and told they of her severe depression. She was begging God to just let her die so that she wouldn’t hurt anymore. The dr put her on elavil, an antidepressant, to help with depression and help her sleep. Since taking the new meds her moods have become much better. She still has some very bad days when the pain is bad ,but she has high hopes of getting through this.

We feel helpless and it is so heartbraking.
She is on antidepressants meds but all the medications cost alot of money and they don’t seem to help at all. If there is anyone that can please provide some sort of advice. Anything at this point would help. We cannot force her to be positive and I just don’t want something bad to happen to her.

What should we do???

Have you talked to the doctors and told them that the antidepressants are not working and are very expensive? Sometimes it just takes finding the “right” medication. Not all meds work the same for everyone. And the dr should be about to help find one or a combination that will work and with a cheaper cost. I can’t imagine how scary and frustrating it is for you and your family member. I dont know how strong your faith is, but I know for me and my family, putting God first and depending on Him to help us find answers and to help us all through this has helped more than i can put into words. I believe in miracles and i know God will carry us when we are too weak and discouraged to walk on our own. I will keep you and your family in my nightly prayers.

I can understand, being someone that is pretty down and not very hopeful myself. I am finally seeing a psychiatrist because my neurologist is pretty much forcing me to. I’m on disability and the state keeps up with your appointments, what doctors you see or, suppose to see, and what appointments you have. So, not sure how personal you wanna get, but is she just dealing with having Chiari and headaches that are associated with Chiari? I’m sorry to say, there is not an definitive answer that will just pull her out of the darkness of hopelessness and dismay. It would help more to know what she is dealing with that is causing her to be in this position. I’ve been dealing with my Chiari for over 8 years, and am not a candidate for surgery. As time goes by, things just get worse.