Pain After Surgery

I am scheduled for decompression surgery on Oct. 21. I am very concerned about the pain after surgery. The Doctor said I will be in ICU for 2 days. Hopefully, that means they will be controlling my pain. I don't have any other concerns about the surgery however, this one is haunting me! Can anyone who has had the surgery give me some pointers, please? I have had other surgeries and did fine with pain management so I am not unaware of pain. Thanks in advance.

Shar, yes ask for meds for pain, nausea, or whatever. Some nurses are really good about asking you how feel and staying on top of med schedules and others will wait for you to tell them. My first decompression I had almost no pain at all. I just slept and had some nausea. My advice is to just relax into the process and know you will be taken care of. Prayers for a painless and relaxed recovery.


I go for my pre-op appointment today so I am going to ask a lot of questions. I wish this was done and over and I was recovered and on my way. My quality of life in almost non existent and I am ready to live again. Thank you all for you replies. It feels good for people to know what I am going through. None of my friends know what it's like or how debilitated I have become. It's been 4 months since I worked and I am ready to go back!