Opps! I slipped!

A couple of months ago I slipped down the stairs didn’t hit my head but bumped all the way down on my backside. Now I have eye swelling with extreme itching and watering. Family doc has me seeing an allergist but am wondering if it I could have done something to my chiari
? Thoughts?

MammaB, Has it affected your eyesite?

Yes, Rebecca. Been on allergy meds for over a month. Not to mention 2 rounds of steroids plus shots. Not done with allergy testing. More next week.

Thought eyesight was age related.

If your spine was compressed upwards towards your skull, I guess it could have caused a your C1 to slip further up and cause less room for CSF flow. It would be worth a check-up with your Neurologist. Especially if you feel "pressure" behind your eyes as opposed to just swelling in general. Also maybe have a dilated eye exam if you haven't had one in the past 2 years. This will be helpful if you do decide to follow up with your neurologist as well. Hope you get it figured out! XOXO