Saw the NS yesterday and he said my symptoms are A-Typical of Chiari because I don't have serious pain when I cough or sneeze. What now?

I went yesterday and tried to explain to the NS what was going on. He said because I only have a 4mm herniation that my symptoms wouldn't be cause by Chiari. Also, because my pain and pressure is only on one side of my head and body that it doesn't "fit" with the Chiari. The numbness is my arm and weakness in my leg are probably something else and he doesn't know what would cause me to be lightheaded. He said I'm not a candidate for surgery (which I'm really ok with) but told me to find a different neurologist and try to get some meds from him. He said to get an MRI of my neck, but no flow study needed. He won't fill a pain med prescription and wants to me wait to do anything else until I can find a different NL. I just don't know what to do now. Anybody have any suggestions AT ALL? I'm feel desperate to get my life back and just don't know what to do now. Anybody know of any homeopathic options while I try and find a new doctor? Thank you!


I feel your frustration especially wanting your life back. Only we know the pain we are dealing with on a daily basis.

I would get a second and third opinion from a NS. I have both a Neurologist and NS which was extremely helpful for me. This forum has a list of doctors. At the top menu click on doctors and you should bie able to find a list of doctors in your area. I hope this helps. Hang in there and be strong. You can do it.

It can be hard to get to a specialist,but if you have what they call a small herniation you will probably not get much help.I was in that category and searched for 27 was an awful thing to lose that many yrs. of life.If you don’t find someone don’t let any Dr. tell you to live with this,please find a chiari NS.It really ticks me off to hear of so many being told they will not be given if we’re a bunch of hypochondriacs,this is said by me because I’m proof that the degree of herniation is not the best evidence of what’s going on.We need someone to who goes on symptoms,the correct tests,and a lot of knowledge.The tonsil in my case was pressing into my brain stem,even the specialist said things were so much worse than could be seen creating a deep grove on the left and a little less on the right.