Nov 14th surgery date in Milwaukee with Dr. Heffez

I have set my surgery date. It is Nov 14th in Milwaukee with Dr. Heffez. I am nervous and excited both.

What things do you recommend I take especially to help me survive the 5 hour car trip back home?

Well Mindy as you know, I haven't had surgery, LOL BUT, I can tell you things that I would bring.

IPOD with earbuds (can't live without the internet and music)

Camera (I would want pictures of everything, LOL)

lazy clothes (pretty much what I wear all the time anyways heheheh)

personal toiletries (hospitals charge too much for sub par stuff lol)

your own comfy pillow (im sure theres are great (NOT!) but I really love mine)

the neck pillow I'm gonna make for you (for your ride home)

Snacks (for you and the person who's gonna hang out with you)

Recorder (just incase the Doc would come in and talk to you, and when on pain meds who knows how you memory will be) Dr H won't mind!!!!

ICE pack for the way home

Thats all I can think of for right now.. I bet there are some other folks here that prob have some better advice!