Not sure I can take it

I don’t have any children. My dog is the closest I may ever get. And today she needed surgery. But my Chiari symptoms were so bad I couldn’t go with my sister to take her. The pain coupled with my frustration intensified everything causing me more pain, to loose balance and eventually get sick to my stomach.

I feel like a failure all the time now. I can barely care for myself and my family and puppy are suffering as a result. I just don’t know if I am strong enough to live like this with no end in sight.

Hi there, please don’t be so hard on yourself. I completely understand & feel I am a failure too sometimes. Your family & puppy love you. I know it’s hard to be strong sometimes but you have so much to give. We all are trying our best that’s all that matters. :kissing_heart: Sending big hugs & hopefully your pain will ease soon.

Thank you! I greatly appreciate your kind words.

There are others,like me, that are also on the Chiari journey. We’re here for you! Don’t give up.


Good morning, I am right there with you but remember we were given this life because we are strong. We just need to stop fighting against the grain sort a say. Find you comfort zone & accept it. This isn’t a condition that allows us to feel guilty about making ourselves comfortable to exist. I remember when I was raising my daughter, a migraine hit the day of her b-day party & I couldn’t go…I still tear up over that. It would have been so much easier w less guilt if I knew at that time my brain was falling out of my skull! I’m 56 now. Please be true to yourself so you can reach that peace sooner than I did. Hugs!

Thank you!