No one wants to help, sick n tired of feeling sick n tired

Ok guys and gals I am in need of help figuring out my symptoms, no docs want to help me and blow me off! The back story of all this is the 27th of February I was hospitalized at my main VA hospital for serve dizziness, fatigue, headache, and vomiting due to the motion sickness. They did an CT and everything was fine the next day I was still unable to walk unassisted… falling over, tripping over stuff that wasn’t there, things like that… so they did a MRI and found I had Cerebellar Tonsillar Ectopia 4-5mm, but everything was fine that was nothing to worry about! So after fighting for days my wife filled a Congressional Complaint and then I was approved for a non VA second opinion… my now Neurosurgeon is at UPMC said its Chiari Malformation I and my cine MRI flow images were good, the regular MRI showed my right tonsils were 2-3mm and the left was 1-2mm, so they call it a borderline Chiari but Chiari none the less! Since this hospital stay I have been hospitalized two other times for cardiac issues! Never have I had blood pressure issues and heart rate issues, until the last two months. The docs have said I have inapproiate tachyacardia due to autonomic dysfunction, they put me on Metropolol to help my heart rate not get so high, after fighting and fighting with the cardiologist the said if it would give me piece of mind they would do the chemical stress test, they spent maybe 20 minutes doing the test and said everything was fine but my heart was contracting hard… they also said that the results of my echocardiogram was normal other than slight mitral valve regurgitation… needless to say with all the other symptoms I have my case is very complex, the one thing I do know is living like this is not fun or anything I want long term in life! My symptoms are listed below:

sudden serve changes in heart rate- 44/160 (that’s the range recorder on the monitor I had to wear at home) actual range 44/202

constant serve fatigue

chest pain & palpitations

vision issues

balance, cognition, memory issues

headaches up the back of my neck into the back of my head (pressure sensation)

cold hands & feet

other medical stuff (they blame all my symptoms on)
PTSD from being sexual assaulted while serving in the military
Bipolar Type II
TBI- post concussive disorder
Central Sleep Apnea
Convergence Insufficiency
Partial 7th nerve Palsy
Left sided 4th cranial nerve palsy
c4-c5 & c5-c6 bulging disc pressing on thecal sac

to make a long story short I’m a mess, and am trying to figure all this out… I know things aren’t gonna happen over night and I don’t expect that, but I do expect to be listened to!

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