Newly diagnosed and 32 weeks pregnant!

I was diagnosed with borderline type 1 chiari malformation about 9 months ago. I had started getting very bad migraines behind my right eye with tingling/ numbness in my left arm. This happened 3 times in October 2014. I went to the ER because I had no idea what was going on. The tingly/ numbness also happened 1 time in December 2013 with no headache. I then told my doctor I wanted an MRI to see more about the headaches. It was then the results came back and showed that I had a 3 mm herniation. I went to see a NS and he stated that he did not think the headaches were caused from the chiari and that I should go about my life. I have had 2 children before the diagnosis, but this time I am VERY nervous. I needed c-sections with my other 2 for other reasons so I elected for the 3rd one. I just don’t want an epidural to make anything worse since I really don’t have bad symptoms. I will get a headache every now and then behind my eye or some head pressure and pain in my neck and across the top of my shoulders. Does anyone have any kind of information or been through something similar? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I really do not know a ton about it. I just keep trying to learn.

Thank you!

I am truly sorry we missed you, Alishia!
Welcome to our community. How’re you doing? Please update us if you’re able. Hopefully others here will have experiences to share.