New to this site

Hi everybody, my name is Nikki and I’m new to this site. My story is long as I’m sure most of yours is as well. I was diagnosed in 2018 after I had a hysterectomy in 2017. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, migraines, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking. I had one doctor tell me it was in my head and that I needed to seek therapy. I had a doctor tell me it was just fibromyalgia. I had a doctor push tons of pain pills on me. and I had a neurosurgeon tell me that I had Chiari but none of my symptoms were related to that. It wasn’t until January 2020 that I found a neurosurgeon who listened to me and believed me! I was finally approved for decompression surgery and was supposed to get that done in March. But due to covid-19 it was pushed to April, and then to May, and now finally June 8th is the big day! I’m hoping to get some support and guidance through this time. Any advice is welcomed and helpful! Thank you guys so much for all your strength and sharing your stories!

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