Totally New

Due to Covid, my MRI has been delayed for 2 months. I’ve been going to an amazing chiropractor for almost a year now, & she believes I have chiari. I’d never heard of it before, but after reading through alot of medical research as well as personal stories & testimonials, I am almost completely positive this is what I am dealing with.

Just over the past couple of months my dizziness has been horrible, even waking me up when I rolled onto my back one night. I have blackouts on a regular basis (managed to make it to a seat every time!) I’ve had everything checked out, blood work, even a heart & lung scan. I am a fitness enthusiast, so all of these things come back looking great.

But despite my being fit, I’m always tired, always have a headache, & get dizzy just squatting to pick up something from the floor. The fatigue & constant pain at the base of my neck, I remember dealing with that as early as age 5 (I’m 33 now). I also have always ground my teeth in my sleep, to the point of chipping them. (I have a guard now.)

Its been stressful, infuriating, & even frightening at times. But knowing that its not just something I’m imagining, & finding others to share this with… I already have some peace.


Welcome to the group! I know you will find tons of support and information about almost everything that you are interested in knowing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure to use the search engine to look for specific topics of interest to you! Prayers for comfort and healing during your quest :purple_heart:


Love to you there! I feel relieved for you already! I went through knowing something was wrong w my daughter when she started having headaches when she was two and threw up a lot. Usually for a reason but she did for every reason.

It’s brilliant that someone pointed you in the right direction, just reading through posts on this group has been amazing for me as I’m sure it will be for you, I was diagnosed at 33 too in May 2019 and am now looking back to my childhood and realising how this all fits together, Good luck with your MRI XXX