Need Advice from Multiple Surgery Folks

Hello! I want to do a quick fill in. In Dec. 2012 I had my first decompression surgery which consisted of scoring the dura and removing some of the skull. He stopped at this because monitoring the CSF flow during surgery that seemed to correct everything. I started having my symptoms again 9 months later... Had a second surgery Feb. 2014. This go round was the duraplasty, more skull, and laminectomy. For the most part been doing okay. Over the past 6 months I have seen a very fast progression of my symptoms come back which are ...

Dizzy spells at a minimum of 2-3 times a day, some days feel like my head is almost swaying back and forth

Right Arm Weakness / Loss of feeling ( not all but can tell there is sensory loss)

Neck and Head Pain

Right Leg weakness

Facial Numbness

Cognitive Issues

My eyes feel weird (not really sure how to explain it), that is just some of it.

I've contacted my doctor who has ordered another MRI (scheduled for July 21)

My worry of course is that I am back at square one. I am looking for someone that has gone through multiple surgeries and what your experiences have been. Honestly, I haven't felt 100% normal since I started having issue in 2012. I have never been able to look up comfortably since my first surgery, it causes almost an immediate headache, being only 5'1" thats kind of daily struggle since almost everything and everyone is taller than me :) Any advice or opinion is welcomed.