My first neurologist appt tomorrow

I am so nervous and so not looking forward to it. I'm just assuming from everyone's experience here that I'm either going to be completely dismissed or he's going to have no clue what it is. :(

I really dislike going into this so negatively but I haven't read many positive experiences in regards to neurologist and knowing about chiari. Am I just wasting my time?


I obviously am just as new to this as u! But try not to sabotage your own appt. Maybe go in with NO expectations..

I, like you, like to do A LOT of research of my diagnosis for various reasons mainly to make sure the doctor is treating me accordingly... When I switched doctors for my thyroid I made a timeline of my symptoms and labs and medication. I wanted him to know that I knew what I was talking about and that we were going to do this "together" and I wasn't just going to trust him to do what was right for me. Because lets face it without "us" the patients the doctors have NO ONE to treat.. anyways what I am saying is go in with some expectations but not negative and not high. And also bring in anything that will help you get what u ultimately want! Bring in your list of symptoms! and bring a copy for him/her and one for yourself so u can go over them together and your records regarding your CM and also any documented information you have found on the internet about CM just in case..

Good Luck! I will be thinking about you! I hope it goes great!