MRI question

Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone will know the answer to this for me.

I had a head and cervical spine MRI done last week and I was wondering if there was any way to get a copy of the MRI's for my personal records?

Does anyone know if this is something that I can request from the place where I had it done?

If so, who would I ask and how would I ask to make sure that I get everything?

Thanks for you help!

Absolutely. Call their medical records office and request a written report and a copy of the disk. Usually they need 24 hours. I'm picking mine up today because the NS wants to compare the original MRI to the Flow we're doing today.

Best of luck to you!


I’m currently hunting down my MRI reports for my records as well. I called the MRI department at the hospital that I got it done and they said that I could come pick up a copy of the report (they’d be able to print if off when I got there) and/or gave me the number that I could call to request it be sent to me. If you call wherever you had it done, they should be able to guide you through the process of who you need to speak with. There’s likely a CD with the images from the MRI on it a well as a printed report.

Hope this helps!

I agree with Beeba. In fact, collect all of your medical records as you go.

Where I am in Canada... i'm able to get a written report, but the actual copy of the MRI is something they won't give up... :S

I get an email with ours from CDI each time and they have given my copies of the written report and CD’s for all of Drews doctors. It does take some time for them to copy the images and the emails come about a week after MRI. Good luck

I always keep copies of all procedures, tests, MRI's X-rays, and test printouts. It is very important to have my health facts at my finger tips. Good luck, Deborah W

Thanks for all the helpful information. I shall be calling asap to get a copy of my MRI and the report. I have never thought/know about always requesting a copy of medical reports/records and keeping my own copy of everything.

I do have one question about getting the medical records and reports. Is this a right of the patient to receive a copy of this? And, if so, will all doctors and medical offices be willing to give out this information?

Yes, just contact whom ever did the MRI. Most places will not charge you it is your records. They sometimes require a 24 to 48 hour period to reprint and get copy of reports. When you request them make sure you ask them for the films, disc(whatever you had done) and reports. Good luck.

I would ask for a copy on CD, a copy of the actual films and a copy of the diagnostic report. Different doctors ask for different things. Some request films specifically and some CDs specifically. The imaging center I went to has actually given me multiple copies of all 3 at no charge.

Thanks for the help everyone! I was able to get a copy of my MRI and report today.