Memory loss and learning difficulty

My doctor said I might have an organic brain disease (most are disorders). And Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus is one example of such disorders. I just pulled that one of the list because it is related to Chiari.
She doesn’t believe that painful tests would prove fruitful. And if they determined a secondary problem caused by the Chiari, she isn’t sure medication would help. And she is against decompression surgery for me. She’s a neurologist, and knows so much more than I ever will about Chiari. But it just sounds like she wants to treat the pain (and she is) but not look at problems with memory or learning. Advice?

I recommend consulting with a neurosurgeon who SPECIALIZES in Chiari. There are many surgeons who have an outdated education on Chiari, the neurologists are even worse. What I don’t like about this is that your neuro is ok with some vague diagnosis that she doesn’t even want to test you for or prove, she would rather treat the pain symtom with an rx. Just because she may know more about Chiari than you do right now doesn’t mean that you should allow your Chiari diagnosis to go ignored. I urge you to find out everything you can about your situation so you can be informed and empowered to make good situations for your future. I get worked up about doctors who will tell you your situation doesn’t need to be treated just because they don’t know how to treat it. Best of luck

You should find a chiari specialist,the neurologist are not the best at dealing with a chiari patient.I’ve spent 27 yrs.seeing those Dr.s.There is a lack of education in the mainstream medical communities,if you need to travel it would be worth the trouble.