What kind of med's helped with the neck and head pain/pressure? My doctor keeps giving me script after script of seizure med's for migraines and pain med's nothing seems to help... Any suggestions? I dont have a neurologist appointment til July!

I take gapamentin for chiari pain and tegretol for Trigeminal neuralgia.

My pain management specialist, has given my Lyrica , Baclofen ,and meloxicam.
I suffer from nerve damage to the nerves in the back of my head,due to the trauma of my decompression with CA laminectomy with duraplasty,in July of 2011. I suffer constant headaches and cannot lady flat.

Nothing works. I take OxyContin and several other meds

they've given me those siesure meds as well - dont work for me - the nerve pain - ametripiline still works after 45 years! IB for the muscle pain and a low dose narcotic for the bone pain

I take Gabapentin and started taking also Zonisamide, as my headaches haven't been under control :( I am only on my second week of it and so far haven't seen much difference.

Radio frequency rhyzotomy to nerve in neck will make a huge difference to all your headache control. You will still feel the pressure, but not the pain.

Your doctor is doing right by giving you seizure meds as it is one of the dangers in our lives. It is aimed at the reactions of the brain, helps balance chemicals in the brain and helps prevent pain resulting from brain trauma.

Lyrica for the control of nerve sensitivity and pain with OxyNorm when you need more. OxyContin slow release very good but only if you need it when it is bad.

Remmeron at night, or other mirtazapine containing meds is excellent, otherwise Tegretol

Lamictin in the morning to help for balance.

If you have heart palpitations when you lie down to sleep - I had this problem because of the added pressure at back of head when you lie down - get a blokka from your doctor to control it.

Blood pressure might also be high because of trauma. Check and control it.

You have to put prevention into place by using seizure meds, doing a rhyzotomy, etc. Then keep pills on hand, such as OxyContin and OxyNorm - get both from you doctor - for when you have pain.

All the best. Hope it helps. This is what I am on and very good.

Gabipenton never worked for me, but it's purpose was not described as you had...I was told it was solely for that I know the benefits, I will readdress it with my neurosurgeon :)

We have to be on cronic supporting medicine addressing each of our symptoms as control and prevention of possible crisis and have additional meds with us in case of break through pain and nausea.

Prettysmartgal said:

Gabipenton never worked for me, but it's purpose was not described as you had...I was told it was solely for that I know the benefits, I will readdress it with my neurosurgeon :)

I have a lot lot trouble with those types of medicines myself. In fact, I even fell over when taking beta blockers and almost passed out at the wheel. I'm already a terrible driver, so that day, my husband almost divorced me. It is the gay version of "Fast and Furious".

Not a good thing.

So, I rely solely now on ice and hot baths. I also am prescribed pain medicine and this has made a world of difference for me. I know there is controversy around these types of medicines, but I will tell you that these medicines have saved my life.

Blessings, Brian

Have they ruled out increased intracranial pressure also known as intracranial hypertension/pseudotumor cerebri? I believe it is 20% of people with chiari also have IH. If it is high pressure a different type of medication to reduce CSF production can help the pressure and head pain.

This is a good reference.

No, that is great advice. Thank you so much.

For me, a muscle relaxer seems to help the neck and shoulder tension. I tried flexeril, but the dosage I had was too strong. I'm currently taking Depakote and Inderal, neither are helping with any symptoms. Not sure why I'm even bothering to take them except the small hope they might start working.

Have you considered Diamox? I've heard it can do great things, especially if you have CSF flow issues.

Ty for your suggestions I’ll discuss with pcp I’m just ready for a neurologist consult I’m tired of messing with the pcp that didn’t even know what i had! I had to Google what it was

Hi Amber,

Hope you were suitably helped by your neuro. - take care.

I take gabapentin for pain and migraines and have Imitrex tablets for when a migraine hits. I've taken both for years and have little side effects from them. I seem to have side effects from everything else! good luck! :)