I have read that many of you are taking medicine for various symptoms. My main symptoms are headaches, dizziness, nausea, and floaters…I have many other but like I said these are the main ones. Is there any medication specifically for Chiari? I know it can’t be cured through medication but is there any offered to help relieve pain/symptoms??

The onlyMeds I have been prescribed thus far is Percocet and topiramate, both are primarily for headaches. My MS said there really are no meds to treat CM but only treat (mask/cover the symptoms) I would love to hear what anyone else has been prescribed.


Like Kenny said there no meds for Chiari....there are meds for the symptoms however. I take Fiorocet for H/A's and and Vicodin for pain other than H/A.

There is no cure for CM..but a treatment...Posterior Fossa Decompression...the goal of this operation is to stop the progression of Sx's and restore CSF flow....Some symptoms totally go away for some after surgery..for others they have lingering Sx's .