Laying on Stomach.... headaches!

For the last few days I have had a horrible headache. Different than the other Pressure type headaches I usually have. This one is pain. The moment I get out of bed. It hurts. Pain is in my forehead and temples. Some pain in the back right side. I noticed that if I catch my self laying on my stomach in the middle of the night, I will have a headache the next day, OR it already hurts and wakes me up.

Headaches from stomach sleeping can also be neck related, and I do have neck issues, although most have been helped/cured by successful cervical surgery. I have a 3mm low lying tonsils. Found in January 2012. And I do have many of the chiari symptoms. Just wondering if you all BEFORE surgery chiarians have trouble sleeping on stomach....??

I do find if I lay back down on my side, it feels better. I'm pretty sure its not a leak. Last month I had a headache for 16 days. 13 of them were mild/moderate thru out the day and was a pressure/tightness feel to them. Now I'm on day 8 of pain and before then it was 4 days of am tightness... then this.

It seems like my headaches have gotten worse in June/July and August. I'm so sick of it. Before all this. I had a severe headache for 74 straight days, due to a cervical disk. Ihad surgery and it was gone for 9 days, appeared again. only half as bad and then 6 days of steriods got rid of it instantly and that particular headache has not returned.