Just wondering what to expect?!?

I myself was diagnosed with CM about 8 years ago after having a mild stroke which at the time it was mainly unheard of! I have a nine year old son who has had learning disabilities and signs of autism since pre-k dr after dr has just medicated him and sent us to behavioral specialist! I have fought and fought for him because I just knew something else was wrong his fine motor skills are still not developed nor can he read or write! After a year on the waiting list for Children’s in Dallas he was seen by a neuroligist and they did an MRI on a Friday and on Monday at 8:30am I got a phone call from the dr herself which informed me he had CM! We are now waiting on his nureosurgeon appt next week I still don’t know a lot about CM and am just looking for some answers


I am glad that you are finally getting a proper diagnosis for your son. please keep us posted on his appointment with the NS.

Sorry I have no experience with children and Cm...however, I may in the near future....Tomorrow I take my 12 yr old daughter to the NL and I will plead for an MRI as she is showing symptoms of CM.



Chiari is when your brain is too big for your skull (you're really smart lol). The tonsils at the base of your skull presses down on your spinal cord and restricts any spinal fluid from flowing which causes different types of symptoms. Every one is different so the symptoms vary. It is something that is not usually detected until later on in life. I pray this helps, let me know if I can answer anything for you.