Instant nausea after hard fall?

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced instant nausea after a hard fall? Yesterday I slipped and fell on the ice and landed hard on conrete. Ouch! I didn't hit my head, thankfully, but felt instantly nauseated. I'm probably exagerating, but it felt like I really jarred my spine and neck. I'm hurting pretty bad today and am still really nausiated. I'm concerned that I may have done more damage where my Chiari is concerned. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I'm just wondering if I should mention it to my Dr. or if I should just not worry about it. I did put in a call to my PCP's nurse today to find out what I could take to ease the nausea and told them I think the nausea is due to the pain from a hard fall. The nurse called me back told me to take dramamine, but didn't say a word about the fall. Thanks for listening:) Meanwhile, I'm going to keep my rear off the ice, lol.

Abby- Thanks for the advice. I'm feeling a little better this morning, and not feeling as nauseous. I made note of the fall and symptoms in my diary and will go in if things get worse. I'm sure I'll be fine. It was worrying me because I've slipped and fell before, but usually it just hurts it has never made me nauseous. Looking back on it today, it makes me laugh because I had purposely gone around a patch of ice that I saw in the driveway at thought if I walked on the snow it would give me more traction. Lol, wish I would have had that on video:) Thanks again. Take care.