Insomnia: any suggestions for what you have tried that helps

Hello all,

I am having the worst case of insomnia going on, its rediculous. The doctor has me on 3 different things which are supposed to work, but since its 4:30am and I still can’t fall asleep, I would say its not working. Its soooo frustrating! Doesn’t matter what time I do fall asleep, my automatic alarm clock (in my head) wakes me up at the same time every morning.

What methouds have you all tried? Advice would be soooo welcome. I know its just another symptom, but this girl needs sleep! =)


Insomnia is awful!!! I would go days with little or no sleep....even with sleep meds....after surgery it did get better...but it took a good 3-4 mths to improve, if i am remembering correctly....

I now take Trazodone 200mg at bedtime works great for me and no hangover.

How is your caffine intake???? Mine has always been high!! So i cut caffine after 4pm....

I also use aroma therapy in my bedroom..essential oils, which i burn in an oil burner with the tea lights...Personally, I like Ylang Ylang.....there are many to choose from....some folks find Lavender helpful.

When was your decompression???

Good Luck.



stop the meds have a couple of shots of JD will do the trick--- LMAO--- JUST KIDDING- dont actually do that!

your meds could be in conflict with @ other have you tried spacing them like 30-60 mins apart?

a small (1/2c) bowl of cheerios w/ milk, warm relaxing shower or bath before bed, reading a book (that always put me to sleep-lol-), some people say a cup of hot tea with honey (personally yuck -lol- but for some who like it- say it works)


I am not sure what meds you are on, but I found the larger the opoid dose the harder to sleep. I even had to come off opiods for that exact reason. They ruin your sleep patterns. I totally agree Lori, Trazadone works very well, with no side effects. Much better than other sleeping pills. There is always Melatonin or Valerian Root, but please check with your doctor before trying anything over the counter. I have also been to a hypnotherapist who is a Phychologist that helped with relaxation technigues (Biofeedback, Guided Imagery, Breathing Exercises). I know how horrible it is not to be able to sleep. I hope this get better for you.


Thank you everyone for your help and input. I am working my way through different scenarios. lol.

What are your current meds? Having more than 1 to help you sleep is overkill, depending on your current health status of course.

I used to take 1mg of Xanax every night and it would knock me out for 8 hours every single time for 5+ years. Very consistent. Now I take Klonopin 0.5mg 3 times a day and one more at night to sleep. It really depends on your own body chemistry and finding what works for you.

I know reading a book in bed helps some people get there, but I personally just have my laptop playing something on Hulu or Netflix while I lay on my side, sometimes with the screen off and the audio on. Anyways... this is not your issue right now, your issue is meds and I think 3 is too many, I have never heard of such a thing. what are they?

I guess it depends on whats keeping you awake? Is it pain or insomnia?
Pain prevents me from sleep, my NS & Internist have me using Elavil + Ambien + my regular nightly pain & neuropathy & diamox. I get to sleep @ 8 hrs, with no hangover. Again, we all have diff issues & pain levels. I hope you find something that works for you with the least amount of fallout.
Good Luck

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Maria McCutchen

I am on 75mg of Amitriptylin before bed I usually take it about 9pm and go to bed about 10 and fall right to sleep. Before I was on it -- I could lay awake forever and then I would wake back up often. I stay asleep now! I love it!