Icp monitoring

Hi i came out of hospital on wednesday after having icp monitoring done. Since its been out i havent felt right. Has anyone else gone through this and did you feel rubbish afterwards

Yes, absolutely.
But for me, when they did their monitoring they identified that there was an issue. So was it the monitoring or was it the pressure issue that caused the rubbish feeling afterwards and every dr had a differing opinion on that one.

There are 3 differing icp tests that they can perform: A subarachnoid bolt, an epidural bolt and an External Ventricular Drain (EVD). Which one did you have?? Each has their own pro’s and con’s but EVD is often considered the ‘Gold Standard’ although it is more invasive than the others.

It can take time for things to return to normal post testing and each person’s recovery is different. I know of a fellow patient who had no after effects and yet for me it was massive and I was asking myself 'So what have I done wrong…?" but according to the neuro, ‘for some, this is what happens’. He couldn’t tell me why. Grrrrr, not happy.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team