I just wanna cry

I just found out that the doctor that I have been waiting for over four months is no longer affiliated with the hospital that I want to have surgery at. If I choose to stay with the surgeon that I like, it will force me to have surgery at a run down facility that looks like I would catch something as soon as I walk in the door.

If I choose a doctor that does operate at the hospital I want, he may not be an expert at Chiari. I am soooo conflicted and confused right now.

What would you do?

Nykki, my two cents: Go with the right doctor!!! Not the facility. Your outcome will have nothing to do with updated carpet and nicer finishes, only the skill of your surgeon.

I agree with Abby and jcdemar on this one, Nykki. If you really like this doctor, and if he's well experienced with Chiari, stick with him. I personally would much rather stick with a good doctor that has experience with a certain illness/injury, whatever it may be, rather than take my chances with another doctor who may not know as much about the topic at hand, and even if you do stick with the nice, clean facility, there's still always a chance that you could catch something... it happens. The choice is yours though. Hopefully you decide soon what you want to do, and hopefully everything goes well for you. :-)

It sounds like the NS is a really good doctor so I'm sure he'll take measures to keep things clean and sanitized! My friend is a nurse in an OR and she says that while they have standard sterilization and cleaning procedures in place most of the best doctors do a little extra in their efforts to prevent infection!