Hi new and super depressed

Hi everyone. My world is upside down and my life as I knew it is now over. I am 27 years old and have a 3 yr old boy and 6 week old daughter. This all started after I gave birth. Can anyone relate to that? I have had no symptoms my whole life and after delivery I am going down fast. I am scared to be alone with my kids. I cry everyday. My dh is trying to say I have post partum depression but I absolutely do not. I have anxiety problems but who wouldn’t when you’re told you may be paralyzed with 2 small children. I have 2 tiny syrinx. I have to wait until June to see ns. Has anyone had surgery and the syrinx went away got better or stopped growing? Please I can’t be paralyzed my children need me and I have my whole life ahead of me…

Hi Kim, I'm sure that ones with more experience will reply here too. But i just wanted to tell you that I actually started having symptoms in my late 20's. I think, looking back, I always had some issues, but in my late 20's it was enough that I started to realize that something was wrong. I walked around not knowing what this was for 20 years. I was not near being paralyzed. I did not have a syrinx though.

In my experience, chiari causes anxiety and depression. Although having just went through a major hormone upheaval may contribute too. And just finding out you have this can really make you feel anxious and depressed. A lot of people who have the surgery have their syrinx go away on it's own. How big is your herniation?

Most of us that can, end up going for a few different opinions and try to get a chiari expert because Drs, even neurlogists just don't know how to deal with this and are not very knowledgeable.

I was not diagnosed but my MRI looks borderline to me. Here is my MRI. I am hoping for chiari so I can have surgery.
401-image.jpg (1.95 MB)

I almost wish for chiari so the syrinx can be treated with decompression. I thought idiopathic syrinx are harder to treat?

I really can't tell from that one pic if it's chiari or not. Just make sure to get at least a 2nd opinion from another NS before doing anything. There are definitely a lot of women who have had problems like yours after giving birth, so don't worry, you're not alone<3 Also I believe the average age for Chiari to be diagnosed is 30, but I think that's just because awareness is still growing. A lot of us have had problems since childhood and not been diagnosed until wayyyyy later. However, there are also a lot of people that experience symptoms very suddenly and find out that they have Chiari.

Anyways, Syrinx's are a serious matter so be tuff and make sure you come away from your doctors visits with some answers :)

Much love to you and your family<3

Hi bill. I noticed you are from ct. Me too I tried to add you on Facebook. Lol the random Kimberly is me. I am seeing dr diluna next week. Please add me on fb I’d like to chat.