Hi, Chiarians!

I am about 21 months post op - removal of C1 vertebrae and about a one inch square piece of the back of my skull.

I am having neck problems, and really, my neck has been sore on and off post op. The last few months, my neck has been very sore and swollen. I still get vertigo from time to time, and still get the nasty headaches, though, the ones after coughing are definitely not as bad as pre-op (which I am so grateful for, and if that is the only thing that helped me from this surgery, it was still worth it.)

Anyways, I am wondering if there are other Chiarians who have experienced severe swollen neck pain. I do have a video conferencing appt with neurologist. Though, I am guessing he is going to send me for an MRI first.

Have a fabulous day and evening, fellow Chiarians!


Hey jackie! I am about 9 months post op. My neck feels really weak and i still get dizziness and vertigo as well. My doctors just told my to try physical therapy, i only went once before COVID hit