Help me! Can't take It much longer!

Hello all!
I haven’t had time to get on here in a while. I am so tired of being in pain!! I just had c- 5/6 artificial disc replacement hoping that might, by some miracle, stop the occipital pain!! So, my pain doctor is suggesting acupuncture and possibly an occipital nerve stimulator for my severe, constant headaches. I know I have a chairi malformation (since 2008) that has gone from 4mm to 6mm, in which the headaches went from occasional to severe, constantly! I have a wonderful neurosurgeon, but he is hesitant to do decompression surgery, as am I! Has anyone ended up having Occipital neuralgia, or trigeminal nerve pain be your problem? Anyone else have right side upper abdominal pain and r hip pain due to chiari??? I’m a nurse and am suffering at work, but can’t lose my job!! Help!!

Thanks, Abby! I have not had a full spine mri. My doctor blew off Elhers Danlos… I will look more into that! Thanks

Thanks, you guys! I also must admit I have been on Norco and have tried a myriad of other prescription drugs, but I am so tired of their mind numbing effects. Pain can really drive you beyond nuts!! I don’t have money for a specialist out of my state. I have wanted a full spine! If I have a tethered cord or a syrix lower down, I need to know!!!