Headaches, Loss of Balance , General Weakness

I have been diagnosed with Arnold chiari I 3 years ago in Italy , now I live in UK.
I have been suffering for my whole life of back pain and neck pain, and I have six protrusions on my neck, a rotation of the pelvis and a beginning of spondylitis.
It’s painful, no doctor could help me with this.
Recently I had for the first time a very strong headache, like stabbing pain , in different part of my head , and at the same time pain on my neck, shoulders and chest. The same week I feel on the stairs because I have lost my balance. I have already fell once on stairs, always losing my balance. I am only 29 years old.
The GP says it is not Chiari related and doesn’t give me any prescription. Anyone had these symptoms? Can someone tell me where is a center in UK or in Italy and if I can get financial help? I don’t work and cannot afford a private doctor.
Thanks x

Sounds like you’re already trying to find a new doctor, maybe? That would be my first suggestion is finding a neurologist that is educated on Chiari Malformation once you can find some assistance in the UK. I live in the US so I’m not really sure how things work over there. Your symptoms do sound similar to Chiari. I also have balance issues and days where my equilibrium feels so off that I can’t pick up one foot without feel like I’m going to fall or wobble. The headache also sounds very similar to Chiari headaches. It would be helpful if you could specify where they start, I may be able to give better suggestions if I knew. I suffer with several different types of headaches and migraines. My neurologist feels like the Chiari has contributed to me developing a few of them. The neck and shoulder pain is something that I am very familiar with. I deal with it daily. I know many of us chiarians have muscle spasms including myself. That can cause a lot of the pain you’re experiencing or you could unknowingly have skeletal problems in your cervical spine that can cause pain in those areas as well. Hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time.