Has anyone's symptoms ever gone away without decompression surgery?

Just wondering if I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life, or if there is even a slight possibility that this could improve on its own. i'd like to hear your stories. thanks!


From my understanding...the best treatment for symtomatic Chiari is Decompression surgery..ans the operation is not a cure...but a treatment ..the goal is to stop the progressionn sx's.

I have seen inmprpvment from my decompression is 08..however, I still have some lingering issues ..mainly balance ..

personally, i have never heard of a persons sx's going away without surgery.

Sorry you are having to go thru all this.



I dont think so…I had decompression…I had hydrotjough so I had no choice. Surgery is helpful and worth it!

I was told my be ns that there will be no improvement without the surgery and that it could progress further as well. I was decompressed Nov 28, 2011 and have zero regrets! Like many others, I still have some lingering issues (leg pain and balance) but the headaches are no longer an everyday issue, which was my biggest issue. Good luck with whatever you are considering.

I heard it could be treated with steroids??? I had decompression though...

After sitting in a decent office chair for 3 hours, I felt all my pressure and pain slowly fall off of me, starting at my head and went all the way down to my feet. It was the happiest moment of my entire life :) About 10 minutes later it was all back again. That experience gave me a lot hope for the future and the relief that I might finally get after surgery. The simple facts are that although our bodies and minds strive for a harmonious existence, we have anatomical issues that need to be corrected before that can happen.