Hello all,

I'm new to the group and also Chiari Malformation...

I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. It was accidentally discovered when I had a CT scan for sever headaches. For the past 4 weeks I have been suffering from the headaches and spent the last week in hospital. No pain-killers work and I am now on Gabapentin and Endep, which doesn't do much. I had two MRI's and a CT-A. My neurologist seem to think my Chiari is stable and not causing any extreme pressure.

I have will require check-ups every 3 months and an MRI every 6... I would rather not spend my entire life on Gabapentin. Unfortunately with my neurosurgeons agreeing not to do the surgery I will have to get use to it.

Is anyone else had experience with Gabapentin or Endep?

Thanks :-)

Ive had been on gabapentin for awhile then was taken off of it as it stopped working, it did help once we go the dose up high enough but then it stopped working. never been on nor heard of Endep?Perhaps you want to get another opinion with a chiari specialist? what other symptoms are you experiencing? what is your herniation size? remember to always get copies of any testing done along with reports if possible for your records-so in the event you go else where you have these early tests/results

I've got the ringing in my ears and the dizziness (which I've had for a long time)

As for my herniation size I actually don't know. My mother has worked in the medical industry for years and is good friends with a Professor of neurology. She has arranged an appointment with him to discuss options etc... I have requested my notes and results. The only thing that gabapentin does for me is allow me to get a decent night sleep, which does certainly help. During the day however it doesn't really do much.

Thanks so much for your response... this is certainly a lot of help

Hi and a BIG WELCOME!!!

I had tried Neurontin and Lyrica ..but had no success with either.

I , too had the ear thing!! Mine was actually more like a swooshing sound...made me very dizzy and nauseas(SP)...that went away right after surgery..thank God.

Christine H. gave great advice ..I use ice (those soft get ones, you can get at Wal-Mart) on my forehead and the back of my neck..I also take Fiorocet for bad H/A's ..that is a prescription med...but works well for me....

Glad you found us...looking forward to getting to know you.