Finally gettin on the right track

I finally found a primary care doctor that will listen to what I have to say about my health and will do what is necessary to getting me feeling better. I checked mychart for UVa and found out that the doctors office has gotten me an appointment to go see an neurologist on Friday January 18 at 10am with Dr. Sara Jones. I have been fighting with the other doctors I have been to get me to see an neurologist, but Dr. Reid went and got me set up with one. It looks like I am heading down the right path. I just want to thank God for finally answering my prayers.

That is great Cindy !!! Believe me a lot of Chiarians find it hard to find good Doctors. Please let us know how things go at your appt.

Tracy Z.

Good luck on path. I have fought with doctors my self unfortunately it was the Neurosurgeon that I was fighting with. It took me going to UVA to get a second opinion to find out that the first doctor messed up. Now unfortunately I am worse then I was when I got diagnosed, and now they can't fix it. I seen Dr, Helm at UVA and was pleased with his help.