Feeling overwhelmed

So Im just feeling really down about life in genral I use to be such a positive person and outgoing now days im grumpy,tired cognitively slow and cant hold a conversation without feeling like Ii cant find words or just get super tired.I have had my op but I just thought things would be different I just cant be bothered with anything and wake up daily with panic attacks.I know that sometimes having a positive mind set helps but I just feel so sad and dead inside and scared/vulnerable like im broken I just feel like a totally different person that I don’t even recognise.And feel embarrassed to tell this to the doctors because I feel like they think im just “feeling sorry for myself” or its “self pitty”.I try to make the most of this situation but I feel im miles behind all the time and cant keep up.I also feel like I cant do anything other than be average.Like im simple like not smart or academic I tried doing a uni course but it really stressed me out so I cut it. I just don’t want to feel like dead weight anymore like I cant contribute anything I would like to work again but don’t know what I can do.I have a lot of pets including 12 chicken a large dog and 3 guinea pigs and they bring me comfort and joy but I cant talk to people now days they honestly just annoy me which makes me so sad because I use to be such an outgoing talkative person.I just nap all! the time now and honestly I am not that old im 24! I just want to feel like myself again.