Falling - is Chiari causing it?

Hi guys. I already had decompression surgery 10 years ago. However, my pain and symptoms only got worse after.
What is really concerning me now is that I keep falling out of the blue. I’ve fallen 3 times just today. And also, I keep on bumping onto stuff. Either it be a wall, a door, a chair, etc.
Do you think it is Chiari?

Thank you, guys.

Hi, sorry to hear your symptoms got worse. I have not had surgery, but maybe you should have an MRI to see if the cerebellar tonsils fell again. If the compression is no longer there, shouldn’t it be better? Did it get better right after surgery or did you still have some issues? Maybe your CSF is blocked? Good luck, hope you find the problem soon and until that time be very careful. I walk into things all the time and have fallen off the ladder, down the steps, now I walk backwards down the steps. Tina from WI

Hello there. After reading your post, I wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I had surgery in 2015. I’m worse than ever and every day is a challenge. I stumble or fall a lot. That’s the thing with this disease. It affects the part of our brain that controls balance and coordination. I can’t even work anymore and I’ve been fighting disability for 3 years. It’s crazy. Hope this helps.

Thank you for your replies. I’ve been doing control MRI every year and it seems alright. But I also had surgery for Seryngomyelia, and that might be worsening the symptoms…? But you said something true: if the cerebal tonsils haven’t fallen again, then why am I losing balance? This disease is so weird, because no one knows exactly what it is and what it causes with 100% certainty.
I understand you completely: working is getting harder and harder. The thing is: is there a light at the end of the tunel for Chiarians? :frowning: