Fair rides?

my 13 year old son had a Chiari decompression with laminectomy and duraplasty on Feb. 9th. My question is what have you’ll been told by your neurologist regarding fair rides?

I would specifically ask your neurosurgeon that question.

I practice in Orlando(lots of theme park rides).

I allow patients to return to riding any ride they want 3 months post-operatively, as long as they are doing fine(and I repeat an MRI prior to clearance). At that point, they should not cause themselves injury. If they do something that causes discomfort, stop doing it(whether it be a roller coaster or a carousel).

This is really going from the science of medicine(there is no study concerning this question) and into the art of medicine. As the father of 7 kids, my goal is to have the patient lead a normal life, so I tend to fall on the liberal side of allowing activity.