Elevated Bed= less head pain

I don't know if most of you know or have already tried this, but I have not had my decompression surgery yet and have been waking up with severe head pounding pain.

My father in law made me these adjustable wood blocks to put under the head of my bed to elevate it. He basically made about a 7 inch high board sandwhich with screws so I could add or subtract any number of them to get the right elevation. It took about three adjustments but now I do not wake up with that pounding pain.

I just wanted to post in case it might help someone else.

Reading, so glad you found something that actually helps! Thank you for sharing! I love your FIL for helping you.


Thank you for sharing about elevating the head of the bed. (exaggeration) it feels like we have tried hundreds of pillows and positions to no avail. Gonna try this tonight with my daughter.

Warm wishes,


Thanks for the 'heads up' (sorry, couldn't resist); I have been having the same issue and it is just so annoying to start the day that way.