DOes anyone have to sleep sitting up

My son has a cyst in brain which he a cp shunt for. Chiari has always been a possiblity for him bc where the cyst is located. But ever since they placed this shunt he has had horrendous migraines. And now he has sleep sitting up. He cant even sleep at night without sleep meds and sitting straight up. He is only 19 months so he cant tell me what is going on. His doctors arent doing a thing about it.

I have had to sleep in a recliner for the past 9 mos b/c it's the only thing that can support my head and neck without triggering the chiari sx. If I try to lay on a pillow my head slips back too much and I have awful sx. I also wear a neck brace to give more support while I sleep. Not ideal by any means, but the only way I can sleep.