Does anyone have Narcolepsy, epilepsy and Chiari?

I have joined this site because I am also part of the Narcolepsy page and have enjoyed that. I initially was told the 9 mm Chiari was nothing to worry about. This was not the cause of my problems and sent to a sleep doctor. I have had a lot of the N symptoms since teens. I had no idea that was what was going on. I just summed it up as being tired. A year into treatment the sleep doc has proven to be my saint. Does anyone have Narcolepsy out there with minor seizure activity?

Lyss, glad your over here too! I KNOW your not alone with this combination. I myself have some minor narcolepsy behaviors, but I don’t think I have the seizures. What kind of treatments are involved from your sleep doc?

Thank you for sharing with me. The narcolepsy is what is my main issue. I do have great doctors. Obviously there is not a whole lot they can do for the N. I do take Provigil 200 mg/2 tx day, lamictal in evening (anti-seizure med) and Lunesta to help me sleep. I refuse to take the Zyrem. Not something I want to take. So the Lunesta helps a bit. Some days are good, many more are not, mornings are when I usually feel the best and then go downhill from there. I am very tired pretty much all the time. It is a constant battle of sleep attacks, not enough sleep at night, etc. I do have all the N symptoms - some worse than others.

I have not had a sleep study done yet, but I also have a CM and epilepsy too! I have symptoms of Narcolepsy, but until I joined this group last month I had no clue that I was anything more than tired. I plan on talking to the doctor to do a sleep study (or trying) but at night I have the hardest time falling to sleep, so I don't know how that will work when going in. Keep us updated with what you have going on Lyss (: