Dizziness and Balance Issues

I have posted many times in response to members concerns about dizziness and balance issues - when walking when moving their head… I always point out the dizziness exercises that are posted on this site. They work marvelously for balance issues which derive from brain processing problems, not vestibular or inner ear problems. Chiari is quite skillful at affecting a variety of our brain processing centers (vision, hearing, sensation…).

I would like to hear if people have actually tried them, what are the barriers, do they just seem bizarre and not worth the effort.

I have used them personally with great success after a 8 month dizzy period after my surgery. I also teach them to clients - stroke, MS, concussion/brain injury, early dementia with good resolution though with such clientele sometimes needs a maintenance schedule if brain damage indicates the necessity of that.

Would folks like a walk through with them?

Are the balance issues

Are the balance issues resolving on their own?

I am all ears!

I have suspicions that my brain limits my movement to protect it from bad balance issues. After surgery my balance improved tremendously and I got over confident, which led to me tripping and falling a few times. Slipped getting out the shower twice as well and these I suspect put my brain into protect mode and created unnatural barriers. What exactly are the balanced exercises? I will happily try them and give feedback.

Hi Ray

The balance exercises are written on this site. On the left hand of the screen theres is a vertical list of topics. The write-up is under “Newbies Guide to Chiari”. It is titled “Dizziness and Chiari”. Read through, print off, read through, give a try, give me a shout.

Good luck